Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Birthday Candle Spoon

I enjoy the little things in life, such as licking the frosting from the bottom of birthday candles that have been removed from a birthday cake. Sometimes, when removing the candles, the frosting does not stick to the candles. This is very disappointing when you have volunteered to put forth the extra effort and offered to cut the cake, in the hopes that you will be the one to get to lick the frosting from the candles.

I propose forming the wax, at the bottom of each candle, into a spoon-like shape. This would increase my frosting yield when removing the candles from the cake!

Candles, being wax, would be very easy to form into a very small spoon shape. Even if the bottom of the candle was just formed flat, it would provide the same effect.

I realize that this invention is a bit silly and most people I have told about this invention, just laugh, but if you are a true "fat kid" like me, it is a GREAT invention lol. If you are skeptical, just be observant at the next birthday party you are at. When the person pulls the candles out of the cake and licks them, just imagine how much more frosting they could be getting with a spoon on the end!!!

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