Friday, September 6, 2013

Product Packaging - File Boxes "Bankers Boxes"

Everyday, thousands upon thousands of cardboard boxes are thrown in the trash or recycle bin. At the same time, thousands upon thousands of cardboard boxes are being manufactured and filled to transport goods to markets and retail stores all over the world. It seems to me that time, money and the environment could be saved by finding a way to eliminate this cycle of waste.

My first idea regarding this is to use "file boxes" or "file size boxes" to transport goods. File boxes can cost $5 each at your local office supply store. Why not just get them free with your next online order of shoes or clothes. We could even go a step further and send all product in decorative boxes that could be used for storage. They could be stackable, color coordinated etc. The cost to the consumer would be minor and they would benefit from the product as well as the packaging.

Packaging for goods is very wasteful. I do realize that the packaging is used for marketing and display purposes, but what better display than to have packaging that can be re-used as something functional.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Birthday Candle Spoon

I enjoy the little things in life, such as licking the frosting from the bottom of birthday candles that have been removed from a birthday cake. Sometimes, when removing the candles, the frosting does not stick to the candles. This is very disappointing when you have volunteered to put forth the extra effort and offered to cut the cake, in the hopes that you will be the one to get to lick the frosting from the candles.

I propose forming the wax, at the bottom of each candle, into a spoon-like shape. This would increase my frosting yield when removing the candles from the cake!

Candles, being wax, would be very easy to form into a very small spoon shape. Even if the bottom of the candle was just formed flat, it would provide the same effect.

I realize that this invention is a bit silly and most people I have told about this invention, just laugh, but if you are a true "fat kid" like me, it is a GREAT invention lol. If you are skeptical, just be observant at the next birthday party you are at. When the person pulls the candles out of the cake and licks them, just imagine how much more frosting they could be getting with a spoon on the end!!!

Home Security - A little better?... UPDATE 10-6-14: INVENTED

If you are going out of town for vacation, or even just the night, it is important to make sure your house is safe and secure from burglars. There a are quite a few tricks that people use as deterrents, such as pausing your newspaper delivery and locking things up. Another trick is to plug in a lamp to a timer in a couple rooms to give the illusion that someone is home. My next invention takes the "timed lamp" one step further.

I propose a light, maybe led, that when illuminated and seen through a window, gives the impression that a television is on. The light would flicker, go bright and dark and basically just replicate the effect that the light of a TV gives off. This is not a very elaborate, expensive or groundbreaking invention, it is simply another trick to deter would-be criminals from burglarizing your home.

I believe this invention would be inexpensive to make. a couple LED's of different colors attached to a circuit board that would generate random color patterns and flickers. The timer for the unit could be programmed to turn on and off at different times of the day and night.

Rohypnol - ("Ruffies" "date rape drug") tester UPDATE 10-6-14: INVENTED

I have had friends (usually female) that have gone to bars or clubs and have felt that, at some point, they were unknowingly drugged with the "date rape" drug. The drug is called Rohypnol, but can also be called "Ruffies", "Rope", or "Rape". This drug, used in this way, is obviously terrible and can lead to terrible things. Women have to be incredibly vigilant to keep their drinks safe and probably have a hard time letting that drink out of sight. They must also be skeptical of anyone they don't know or trust, bringing them a drink. Sadly, this is the way it goes these days.

For those of you that are chemistry majors, it would be nice to see invented a discreet method for testing an alcoholic drink for Rohypnol on the spot, with immediate results. Potentially, a "litmus paper" type material or an electronic "pen like" device would work well. Maybe even a device that took the form of a stir stick.

A woman could potentially keep a small package of the "testers" in her purse and would be able to test her drink with these testers if she ever feels threatened. The method would have to be discreet so that the potential perpetrator would not do anything rash, or, if the potential perpetrator did not actually do anything wrong, feel falsely accused. Ideas for a discreet method could be a small sticker that could be applied under a fingernail. when the fingernail is dipped in the drink, the sticker would turn red to indicate the drug, or stay white to indicate there is no drug.

A bartender could also have these on hand for any woman who may not have them. Again, the social ramifications could be awkward if one person falsely accuses someone for drugging a drink, so the method for testing would have to be discreet and handled with great tact.  

I feel that, if this product was invented, it would become a mainstay at every bar in the world and in the purse of every woman that is also a bar-goer. The only downfall is ruining the chances of complete loser criminals, from taking girls home from bars.

PS - almost forgot... I am sure law enforcement would also be purchasing these testers!

Chemists, innovators, inventors - please invent this, you would be doing a good service in recognizing those who have been victim of crimes like this, as well as preventing the thousands that could!!


Right side out socks

If you are like me, you hate having to "right side out" all of your socks before folding them. if you are real efficient, you probably do this step before you wash your socks. I cannot imagine what it must be like to be a parent of 2, 3, 4, or more children and have to do this every time you fold laundry!

With all of our technology these days, is it not possible to make a pair of socks that is always "right side out". Is there not a way to hide the seem, or make the seem the same both inside and out? I understand that there are a few obstacles to overcome, such as the seem and the 'print' on the sock etc. BUT, I am sure it can be done. If nothing else, just do your best at making a sock that looks similar inside and out, then market them as being the same inside and out. Just the advertising of this sock will allow me to wear my socks inside out without being accused of being lazy.

OK, garment producers and innovators, make this happen and I will be your first customer. mark down an order for 50 pair, I will be your first order!!