Friday, September 6, 2013

Product Packaging - File Boxes "Bankers Boxes"

Everyday, thousands upon thousands of cardboard boxes are thrown in the trash or recycle bin. At the same time, thousands upon thousands of cardboard boxes are being manufactured and filled to transport goods to markets and retail stores all over the world. It seems to me that time, money and the environment could be saved by finding a way to eliminate this cycle of waste.

My first idea regarding this is to use "file boxes" or "file size boxes" to transport goods. File boxes can cost $5 each at your local office supply store. Why not just get them free with your next online order of shoes or clothes. We could even go a step further and send all product in decorative boxes that could be used for storage. They could be stackable, color coordinated etc. The cost to the consumer would be minor and they would benefit from the product as well as the packaging.

Packaging for goods is very wasteful. I do realize that the packaging is used for marketing and display purposes, but what better display than to have packaging that can be re-used as something functional.